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Captcha for Kohana 3.x
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Captcha for Kohana 3.x

This is the Captcha library ported from Kohana 2.3.x to 3.x. Very little has changed API-wise, although there have been a few changes.

Getting Started

Instantiate a captcha:

$captcha = Captcha::instance();

Instantiate using your own config group (other than 'default'):

$captcha = Captcha::instance('myconfig');

Render a captcha:


or just:


Validate the captcha:


By default image-based captchas are rendered with HTML, the HTML is a very simple tag. If you want to handle your own rendering of the captcha simply set the first parameter for render() to FALSE:


Captcha Styles

  • alpha
  • basic
  • black
  • math
  • riddle
  • word
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