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Geocoding for Kohana 3.x
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Geocoding for Kohana 3.x

This is a Geocoding module adapted from Gogeocode. It currently supports Google and Yahoo's Geocoding APIs.

Get an API Key

Getting Started

Once you have your API key, copy config/geocode.php to your app directory, and edit it as follows:

return array(
    'default' => array(
        'service'   => '<Google or Yahoo here>',
        'api_key'   => '<API key here>',

Now instantiate:

$geocode = Geocode::instance();


$geocode = Geocode::factory();

Instantiate using your own config group (other than 'default'):

$geocode = Geocode::instance('myconfig');


$geocode = Geocode::factory('myconfig');

Now geocode an address:

$white_house = $geocode->execute('1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20500');

This will return an array, the contents of $white_house will look something like this:

    [response] => Array
        [status] => 200
        [request] => geocode

    [placemarks] => Array
        [0] => Array
            [accuracy] => 9
            [country] => US
            [administrative_area] => DC
            [sub_administrative_area] => District of Columbia
            [locality] => Washington
            [postal_code] => 20500
            [latitude] => 38.89765
            [longitude] => -77.0356669


  • response: The response from the web service.
  • * status: The status code returned. (200 = SUCCESS)
  • * request: The request type message.
  • placemarks: Address(es) matching the query.
  • * accuracy: The accuracy of the geocode. (1-10)
  • * country: The ISO country code of the geocode.
  • * administrative_area: The state or province of the geocode.
  • * sub_administrative_area: The county of the geocode. (Google only)
  • * locality: The city of the geocode.
  • * postal_code: The postal/zip code of the geocode.
  • * latitude: The latitude of the geocode.
  • * longitude: The longitude of the geocode.

Address Queries

You don't need the full address to geocode it. All of the following will work:

Geocode::factory()->execute('90210, USA');
Geocode::factory()->execute('Beverly Hills, CA, USA');
Geocode::factory()->execute('Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, CA, USA');

Keep in mind that if you're geocoding a zip code, for example, that the latitude and longitude is roughly the center of this area.


You may get a multiple results returned within the placemarks sub-array. Especially if the query is somewhat vague or there are multiple addresses matching the query. It will be sorted by the 'accuracy' of the geocodes.

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