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Vaporize is a clean and consistent library for accessing the Rackspace Cloud API.

Another One?

There are already a number of good Python options out there for accessing the Rackspace Cloud API. Unfortunately they have one thing in common: none of them use the same pattern. This means a lot of wasted time looking things up in the documentation. The other problem is that there is a library for each group of sendpoints on the Rackspace cloud API. There's a libarry for CloudServers, one for CloudFiles, one for CloudDNS and one for CloudLoadBalancers. Which menas there's a lot of redundant code, requiring four imports and four instantiations and it's up to you to smooth over incompatibilities between them.

So Vaporize was born. One library for one API.


To install Vaporize using PIP:

pip install vaporize


Vaporize is designed to be simple to use. Connect to your Rackspace Cloud in just two lines of code:

>>> import vaporize
>>> vaporize.connect('username', 'apikey')


API Documentation and a User Guide (in the works) available here.


Vaporize is currently still in development. Contributors are welcome. Just fork this repo and start making pull requests.


Support for the following Rackspace Cloud services:

  • CloudServers
  • CloudServers - Next Gen.
  • CloudLoadBalancers
  • CloudDNS
  • CloudDatabases
  • CloudBlockStorage

Planned Features

Support for the following Rackspace Cloud services:

  • CloudFiles
  • CloudMonitoring
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