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AMP Blogger templates

This repository contains an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) based responsive theme that can be used with Blogger. The blog is resposive & a live demo can be seen at You can find see the list of blogger feature that works and doesn't works in here.

Notice: Before you proceed note that this template does not pass the AMP Validation, Yet. There are some limitations in Blogger that I find it impossible to workaround at the moment. Some of them are

  • The style tags in the error are inserted automatically by Blogger. Some of them such as b:skin cannot be removed.
  • The quickedit icon which causes 3 errors is part of footer and I don't know how to remove it. I have removed all other quick edit icons.
  • ATOM/XML is a valid MIME type. Ref: IANA. But the AMP validator doesn't recognize it.

Demo: Live demo

Download: GitHub release

Documentation :

  1. How to apply AMP Template to Blogger?
  2. Making images responsive in AMP Blogger Template
  3. Embending YouTube videos in this AMP template

Feel free to reuse, share, improve and contribute.