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Class AssetFactory {
static $store;
static $asset_subclasses = array();
static function extract_page_data($asset_path) {
# separate the filename and the parent page path
$path = explode('/', $asset_path);
$file_name = array_pop($path);
$page_path = implode('/', $path);
# return any page data scoped against the asset filename
$page_data = self::$store[$page_path];
return isset($page_data[$file_name]) ? $page_data[$file_name] : array();
static function &create($file_path) {
# a little bit of magic here to find any classes which extend 'Asset'
# if the file path isn't passed through as a string, return an empty data array
$data = array();
if(!is_string($file_path)) return $data;
# split by file extension
preg_match('/\.([\w\d]+?)$/', $file_path, $split_path);
if(isset($split_path[1]) && !is_dir($file_path)) {
# set the default asset type
$asset = 'Asset';
# loop through our asset_subclasses to see if this filetype should be handled in a special way
foreach(self::$asset_subclasses as $asset_type => $identifiers) {
# if a match is found, set $asset to be the name of the matching class
if(in_array(strtolower($split_path[1]), $identifiers)) $asset = $asset_type;
# extract any page data scoped against the asset filename
$page_data = self::extract_page_data($file_path);
# create a new asset and return its data
$asset = new $asset($file_path);
return array_merge($asset->data, $page_data);
} else {
# new page
$page = new Page(Helpers::file_path_to_url($file_path));
return $page->data;
static function &get($key) {
# if object doesn't exist, create it
if(!isset(self::$store[$key])) self::$store[$key] =& self::create($key);
return self::$store[$key];
static function get_asset_subclasses() {
# if asset_subclasses hasn't been filled yet
if(empty(self::$asset_subclasses)) {
# loop through each declared class
foreach(get_declared_classes() as $class) {
# if the class extends 'Asset', then push it into our asset_subclasses hash
if(strtolower(get_parent_class($class)) == 'asset') self::$asset_subclasses[$class] = eval('return '.$class.'::$identifiers;');
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