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Stacey 3.0.0


Stacey takes content from .yml files, image files and implied directory structure and generates a website. It is a no-database, dynamic website generator.

If you look in the /content and /templates folders, you should get the general idea of how it all works.


Copy to server, chmod 777 app/_cache.

If you want clean urls, mv htaccess .htaccess


Stacey uses the Twig templating language.

There are an additional two sets of templates which can be found at: &

Read More

See for more detailed usage information.


Copyright (c) 2009 Anthony Kolber. See LICENSE for details. Except PHP Markdown Extra which is (c) Michel Fortin (see /app/parsers/ for details) and jsmin.php which is (c) Ryan Grove (see app/parsers/ for details).

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