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# let people know if they are running an unsupported version of PHP
if(phpversion() < 5.3) {
die('<h3>Stacey requires PHP/5.3 or higher.<br>You are currently running PHP/'.phpversion().'.</h3><p>You should contact your host to see if they can upgrade your version of PHP.</p>');
} else {
# require config
require_once './extensions/config.php';
# require helpers class so we can use rglob
require_once './app/';
# require the yaml parser
require_once './app/parsers/yaml/sfYaml.php';
# include any php files which sit in the app folder
foreach(Helpers::rglob('./app/**.inc.php') as $include) include_once $include;
# include any custom extensions
foreach(Helpers::rglob('./extensions/**.inc.php') as $include) include_once $include;
# start the app
new Stacey($_GET);
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