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Use Config paths for including Twig extensions

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1 parent 69df222 commit 0253dbe7d18432b11d64c7d77d775e5a5d077005 @kolber committed May 27, 2012
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@@ -1,9 +1,6 @@
-if (file_exists('app/parsers/Twig/ExtensionInterface.php')) require_once 'app/parsers/Twig/ExtensionInterface.php';
-else require_once '../app/parsers/Twig/ExtensionInterface.php';
-if (file_exists('app/parsers/Twig/Extension.php')) require_once 'app/parsers/Twig/Extension.php';
-else require_once '../app/parsers/Twig/Extension.php';
+require_once Config::$app_folder.'/parsers/Twig/ExtensionInterface.php';
+require_once Config::$app_folder.'/parsers/Twig/Extension.php';
class Stacey_Twig_Extension extends Twig_Extension {

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