User modeling for sarcasm detection on Reddit corpus from Khodak et al. Published in EMNLP 2018.
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Sarcasm detection on Reddit corpus from Khodak et al ( provides commands to download, extract, and move all data to the locations expected by the code also does so, but only for a subset

logs/ contains the logs for all of the test runs reported in the paper, as well as the script logs/ which was used to generate confidence intervals

src/ contains code to replicate the baselines from Khodak et al's dataset paper

src/ is configured for a run to test whichever "spreadsheet cell index" model/dataset combination is passed on the command line, e.g. python B2. Commented-out sections in provide examples for other ways to use the code.

src/ contains the actual RNN class, as well as the helper class used to train and evaluate the RNN, generate graphs etc

src/ contains numerous helper functions for data transformation, generating user representations, etc

src/ and contain examples of how to run the final tests

src/ contains hyperparameter configurations for all results reported in the paper

src/ contains generic helper functions for data reading and processing

sample_predictions/ contains sample predictions from the 3 user models on holdout sets for one run each on the balanced r/politics and balanced full datasets