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Python tutorial at JNU, New Delhi
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GLACINDIA training program, New Delhi, India, 08-10 April, 2015.

Here you will find notebooks that we use during GLACINDIA training program.

To download all notebooks and related data use this link Put downloaded file in to your user folder and unzip it.

Installation instructions (Windows)

  • First you have to download and install Anaconda python distribution for your system from here. If installation is sucessful, you will be able to work with notebooks from 02 to 07. In order to work with netCDF files and Basemap some additional steps are required.

  • Go to start menu, choose run and execute cmd in order to bring up windows command line.

  • Change to Anaconda\Scripts directory by executing cd Anaconda\Scripts

  • execute conda install netcdf4 basemap and agree with installation

  • in order to make all examples to work we have to downgrade pandas to version 0.15.2. For this execute conda install pandas=0.15.2


  • Go to start menu, find Anaconda folder, and run IPython notebook from this folder. IPython dashboard should open in your user folder. Go to JNU folder, that you already have dounloaded and unziped, and select folder with the notebook that you interested in.

##Links to web rendered versions of the notebooks

##Learning python If you become interested in python and would like to continue, you wll find couple of links below. Plese note, that at the end of some of the notebooks there are also some links on specific topics.

Remember, the best way to learn programming is to write programs. Try to select some problem and solve it with python

Python for scientists

General python

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