Introduction to python use in geosciences.
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Python for Geosciences

This is a short overview of how Python is used in science and particularly in geosciences. The idea is to show how to setup Python for purposes of scientific computation and visualization, cover some basic features of the language and show some of the real world applications such as:

  • Array manipulations.
  • I/O (binary, txt, netCDF, mat).
  • Creation of maps and graphics.
  • Time series analysis.

This overview is aimed at the scientists who are interested in Python but don't know how to start using it (this might be really confusing for a newcomer), or would like to learn more about possible Python applications. For those of you who already use Python there will be nothing really new.

This notes will be helpful only if you know some programming language already (preferably Matlab). Notes are also avalible as webpages at

PRs with corrections are very welcomed.

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00 Why python?

01 Scientific modules and IPython

02 Python basics

03 NumPy arrays

04 Work with different data formats

05 Graphs and maps (Matplotlib and Basemap)

06 Time series analysis (Pandas)

07 Other modules for geoscientists and collection of links



Nikolay Koldunov