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simple jQuery plugin that let you add event handler on CouchDB changes feed
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CouchDB Changes

A JQuery plugin for binding event handlers to the CouchDB _changes feed.


  • Bind an event handler to a database _changes longpoll feed.
  • Bind an event handler for monitoring of a specific document changes.



  • $.couchdb.changes.database(database, callback):

    $.couchdb.changes.database("test", function(changes){
  • " + changes.last_seq + "
  • "); });
  • $.couchdb.changes.document(database, document, callback):

    $.couchdb.changes.document("test", "test-doc", function(doc){
  • " + doc._rev + "
  • "); });

Stopped working on the pluggin because of the jquery.couch.js include changes feature as well.

Note that this is not included in the plugin shipped with CouchDB 0.11.0!

Here is a code snippet that shows how to use this:

    // database changes
    // include the documents
    $.couch.db('test').changes(null, { "include_docs" : "true" }).onChange(function(resp){
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