KADOS wish list

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KADOS supports all required operations in the DAISY Online Delivery protocol, version 1 and 2.0.2, and some of the optional operations. Below we present wish lists on features we would like to implement (not in a prioritized order, but some features might depend on other features).

Already implemented operations and features are available to check at our Github-page with KADOS releases https://github.com/kolibre/Kolibre-KADOS/releases/

Wish list DODP v1

Support for DAISY Online Delivery Protocol version 1 optional operations

  • Support for receiving user announcements
  • Support for storing and fetching user bookmarks
  • Support for protected digital talking books (PDTB) via getKeyExhangeObject operation
  • Support for dynamic menus via getQuestions operation
  • Support for browsing user content (requires implementation of getQuestions)
  • Support for acqusition service model (requires implementation of getQuestions)

Wish list DODP v2

Support for DAISY Online Delivery Protocol version 2.0.2 optional operations

  • 5.2.1. The getServiceAnnouncements Operation
  • 5.2.2. The markAnnouncementsAsRead Operation
  • 5.2.3. The updateBookmarks Operation
  • 5.2.4. The getBookmarks Operation
  • 5.2.5. The addContentToBookshelf Operation
  • 5.2.6. The getQuestions Operation
  • 5.2.7. The getUserCredentials Operation
  • 5.2.8. The getKeyExchangeObject Operation

Wish list other features

  • Speech synthesis (TTS) for the production of audiotitles from texttitles (which is necessary to support reading of titles on players without integrated TTS). The open source TTS alternative eSpeak and other with open API:s.
  • Web browser admin interface for the administration of the service
  • Features for adding users and books via a web browser admin interface

Suggestions are welcome, throw us a mail at info@kolibre.org or to our publicly available development mailing list dev@kolibre.org (archive available at https://groups.google.com/a/kolibre.org/forum/#!forum/dev)

And for reference, features in DODP we already support


  • logOn (required)
  • logOff (required)
  • getServiceAttributes (required)
  • setReadingSystemAttributes (required)
  • getContentList (required)
  • getContentMetadata (required)
  • issueContent (required)
  • getContentResources (required)
  • returnContent (optional)


  • logOn (required)
  • logOff (required)
  • getContentList (required)
  • getContentResources (required)
  • returnContent (required)
  • setProgressState (optional)
  • getTermsOfService (optional)
  • acceptTermsOfService (optional)