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Welcome to the Kolibre wiki pages!

This wiki is intended to help developers who are interested in the Kolibre client solution. Questions? Join our mailing list dev@kolibre.org

How to build, run and configure the player for a Raspberry Pi is described in the setup-scripts wiki.

Prebuilt images can be downloaded from angstrom-manifest releases (Raspberry Pi 2 or 3) or setup-script releases (Raspberry Pi 1). The client will automatically connect to our demo service Kolibre KADOS (supporting the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol version 1) at http://kados.kolibre.org, where sample DAISY content is available.

Kolibre client developer documentation

Kolibre client wish list

How to report a bug

How to submit a patch

How to suggest a feature

More information about the Kolibre association and its activities is to be found at the [Kolibre homepage] (http://www.kolibre.org/en/home).

Any relevant information missing? Send us an email at info@kolibre.org

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