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Kolide Fleet CircleCI Go Report Card

Fleet is the most widely used open-source osquery Fleet manager. Deploying osquery with Fleet enables live queries, and effective management of osquery infrastructure.

Documentation for Fleet can be found on GitHub.

Fleet Dashboard Screenshot of dashboard

Live Queries Screenshot of live query interface

Scheduled Query/Pack Editor Screenshot of pack editor

Using Fleet


If you're interested in learning about the fleetctl CLI and flexible osquery deployment file format, see the CLI Documentation.

Deploying Osquery and Fleet

Resources for deploying osquery to hosts, deploying the Fleet server, installing Fleet's infrastructure dependencies, etc. can all be found in the Infrastructure Documentation.

Accessing The Fleet API

If you are interested in accessing the Fleet REST API in order to programmatically interact with your osquery installation, please see the API Documentation.

The Web Dashboard

Information about using the Kolide web dashboard can be found in the Dashboard Documentation.

Developing Fleet

Development Documentation

If you're interested in interacting with the Kolide source code, you will find information on modifying and building the code in the Development Documentation.

If you have any questions, please create a GitHub Issue.



Please join us in the #kolide channel on Osquery Slack.

Community Projects

Below are some projects created by Kolide community members. Please submit a pull request if you'd like your project featured.

Kolide SaaS

Looking for the quickest way to try out osquery on your fleet? Not sure which queries to run? Don't want to manage your own data pipeline?

Try our osquery SaaS platform providing insights, alerting, fleet management and user-driven security tools. We also support advanced aggregation of osquery results for power users. Get started with your 30-day free trial today.


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