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i have a viewcontroller with a kkgridview on it that the user is supposed to choose several cells (custom cells i have subclassed).
after the user has finished choosing i want to be able to retrieve those cells and perform manipulations on the data in them.
i haven't found a method that allows me to get any cell by it's indexpath.

i thought using the indexPathsForSelectedCells on the datasource collection itself but im not so sure about it because it may change while the user is selecting.

will the visibleIndexPaths property do any good for this? or is it just a collection of indexpath objects?

thanks i really need a solution for this.


-cellForRowAtIndexPath will give you a specific cell. -indexPathsForSelectedCells on the grid view instance will return the selected cells as an array of index paths.


Thats what i'm looking for but i cant find this function anywhere (-cellForRowAtIndexPath). How do I call it?


Oops - cellForItemAtIndexPath:


Thats the data source method for filling up the grid, I want to extract a cell from a grid after i have already put data in it.


Yes, the grid view will return the cell..

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