Simultaneous editing for Xcode, inspired by Sublime Text.
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#Multiplex Simultaneous editing for Xcode, inspired by Sublime Text. Screenshot of Xcode with plugin installed.


  • Quickly edit specific instances of a variable being used.
  • Consistent insertion of closing characters
    • Quotes
    • Angle brackets
    • Curly braces
    • Brackets
  • No more of Xcode inserting the leading braces (it's always in the wrong place!)
  • No more annoying animation when showing the autocomplete dialog.
  • More flexible "Edit All in Scope" functionality using proper simulataneous editing.
  • Smarter auto-indenting


Run the latest installer from Releases.

Manual Copy
Move the Multiplex.xcplugin file from Releases into ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/. Create any intermediate directories if necessary.

Addtionally, you can clone the project and build/run it. It will automatically launch a debugger session on Xcode itself, copying the plugin into the correct folder.

Multiplex is not yet supported by Alcatraz (even though it is listed, the install will fail).


  • Insert a new cursor using Command-Click.
  • Add the next occurrence of the word currently selected (or the word a single cursor falls within) using Command-D.
  • "Edit All in Scope" (Control-Command-E) uses multiple selections rather than the original implementation which only shows a single cursor and propogates the changes.
  • Jump to Definition is now accessed using Alt-Click.
  • The info popover for a symbol is now shown by holding Alt-Click, or Force Touching.

##Bug Reports & Feature Requests I'm certain there are bugs in this that will cause Xcode to crash. As a result, you should always edit documents that are tracked with version control so you're not out of luck if Autosave doesn't catch the most recent change.

Please file bugs on GitHub Issues detailing how to reproduce it. If it's consistent and interrupting your work, temporarily uninstall until it's resolved.

The best feature requests are actually Pull Requests...but if the idea's cool, I (and hopefully others) will gladly work on it. :)

##Miscellaneous Thanks to Jon Skinner for making the excellent Sublime Text editor.

The syntax highlighting in the demo gif is from my other plugin, Polychromatic.

You can follow me on Twitter: @kkrewink.

##License MIT License