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A library to automatically bind React form elements to state attributes, automatically doing type conversion and validation. Give it a try.

import { Form, Input, TextArea } from 'react-data-input';

const state = { username: 'Foo', age: 20 };

function save() {
  fetch('save', {
    headers: {
      'Accept': 'application/json',
      'Content-Type': 'application/json'
    body: state

function foo(props) {
  return (
    <form onSubmit={save} state={state}>
      <Input type="text" name="username" required maxLength="100" />
      <Input type="number" name="age" min="0" step="1" />

When any of these fields is modified the change will be propagated into state[], transforming into the corresponding type (number, date, boolean). The enclosing Form will check that all validations have passed before triggering onSubmit.

The list of exported components includes Form, Input (text, number, checkbox and radio), TextArea and Select. Radio buttons require a RadioGroup ancestor to handle exclusive checked state.


Each field will automatically convert values from string to the desired format.

  • text, url, email.
<Input type="text" name="name" />
<TextArea name="description" />
  • number will be converted to int or float depending on the value of step (default is 1):
<Input type="number" name="age" />
<Input type="number" name="percentage" step="0.01" />
  • checkbox will also work out of the box:
<Input type="checkbox" name="subscribed" />

The default converter can be overriden by a custom implementation:

const AllowedValues = { one: instanceOne, two: instanceTwo };
const state = { defcon: }
const myConverter =

    // transform from String to Object
    toObject: function(value) {
      return AllowedValues[value] ||;

    // transform from object to String
    toString: function(value) {
      const key = Object.keys(AllowedValues).find((key) => AllowedValues[key] === value);
      return key || 'one';


<Input type="text" name="defcon" converter={myConverter} state={state}/>


The following validations are supported:

  • [required]
  • [pattern]
  • [type=number][min]
  • [type=number][max]
  • [type=email]
  • [type=url]

When the user submits the Form, it will automatically check that all validations have passed before triggering onSubmit. If there are errors the callback will not be invoked and an error message will be displayed instead.

Custom validation is also supported, returning either a Promise or the validation result directly:

const validator = (value, props) => {
  return fetch('checkValueIsAvailable', {
    body: { username: value }

const wrapper = mount(
  <Form onSubmit={save} state={state}>
    <label htmlFor="name">Choose your username</label>
    <Input type="text" name="username" validator={validator} />


A different locale can be configured by invoking Messages.set:

import { Messages } from 'react-data-input';

    required: "Por favor, rellena este campo",
    min: "El valor debe ser mayor o igual que ${min}"

You can see the full list of values in Messages.js.

To play with the test suite

# To run the test suite based on Mocha
npm run test
npm run coverage

# To fiddle with the browser and a sample form at
# http://localhost:8080/test-page/example.html
npm run dev