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Instant Rocket Fuel

If you want to create a browser game with Coffeescript based on the Canvas element, you will likely need some classes like that provide a game loop, Sprites, Animation and so on.

Have a look at the documentation at

  • Game

    To create a game, just inherit from Game and overwrite the update and render functions. Update and render will run in a timebased loop.

  • Scenemanager

    You can choose to add more than one Scene to your game. Just put them in separate classes and add them to the Scenemanager.

  • Sprite

    Add Sprites to the Objects in your game and render them to the canvas. A Sprite can be instantiated with a Texture. Then you can add Shapes (Static Images) and Animations to it.

  • Vector

    to control the movement of the objects in your game, just supply them with a Vector for speed and location. There are functions to add, subtract and do all kinds of operations.