Basic Sass code when doing front end stuff for @kollegorna
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Kollegorna Design System

This is a primer for developing web stuff for Kollegorna. It contains basic typography, colors and other variables.

Using in an application

Install via Bower:

$ bower install kollegorna/design-system --save

See for more specific info.

Local setup for viewing or developing

We've setup a style guide using Middleman which should be used when previewing or developing the design system.

  1. Install Bundler and Node.js.
  2. $ git clone
  3. $ cd design-system/styleguide
  4. $ npm install
  5. $ gulp install

Gulp commands

  • $ gulp install
    • Runs: bundle install and bower install
  • $ gulp serve
    • Builds Middleman and create a browser-sync server
  • $ gulp build
    • Builds Middleman