Syntax highlighting for Neo4j's Cypher query language in SublimeText.
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Sublime Text 2 plugin - Cypher

A plugin for working with Neo4j's Cypher query language in SublimeText.


The plugin will detect files ending in .cql or .cyp as Cypher, optionally just select Cypher from the Syntax menu.


  • Type a Cypher query into your editor
  • Run it by selecting the query and hitting (cmd+shift+r on OSX, ctrl+shift+r on Windows)
  • The results or error will be shown in the console, which can be opened by (ctrl+`)
  • If no text is selected, all the text in the file is run as a single query

Future Plans

  • Auto selecting the query under the cursor
  • Auto completion for Cypher keywords and functions, etc
  • Auto completion based on data in the DB
  • Cypher 2 support