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I'm pleased to announce hinotify 0.1, a library to inotify[1] which has
been part of the Linux kernel since 2.6.13.
inotify provides file system event notification, simply add a watcher to
a file or directory and get an event when it is accessed or modified.
The API basically consists of:
inotify_init :: IO INotify
inotify_add_watch :: INotify
-> [EventVariety] -- different events to listen on
-> FilePath -- file/directory to watch
-> (Event -> IO ()) -- event handler
-> IO WatchDescriptor
inotify_rm_watch :: INotify -> WatchDescriptor -> IO ()
A sample program:
> import System.Directory
> import System.IO
> import System.INotify
> main :: IO ()
> main = do
> inotify <- inotify_init
> print inotify
> home <- getHomeDirectory
> wd <- inotify_add_watch inotify
> [Open,Close,Access,Modify,Move]
> home
> print
> print wd
> putStrLn "Listens to your home directory. Hit enter to terminate."
> getLine
> inotify_rm_watch inotify wd
The code is available via www:
and via darcs:
darcs get
The API is available at:
The library is very young and I'm most grateful for feedback on the API,
and what else you might have to suggest.
Lennart Kolmodin
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