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Kolonial.no API

The API is currently not publicly available, but feel free to contact us if you have a great idea and want early access! You can reach us by mail at api at kolonial dot no.

We only allow pre-approved API clients at this time, and each client needs a unique User-Agent and Client-Token. This is a work in progress and no API stability is guaranteed at this time.

And btw, we're hiring! Read more about our technology 🙌

Quick start

curl -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "User-Agent: <YOUR-USER-AGENT>/1.0" -H "X-Client-Token: <YOUR-CLIENT-TOKEN>" https://kolonial.no/api/v1/products/9329/


All requests require that the User-Agent and X-Client-Token headers are set. These are unique for the developers participating in the beta, so please do not share these. That said, we would really love if you open sourced your code!

We return JSON on all endpoints, and expect it as input. Remember to set the Accept and Content-Type headers accordingly.


Some endpoints requires that the user is authenticated. To acquire a session token, use the login endpoint and save the returned sessionid for use with subsequent requests. The session is valid for a very long time.

To access authenticated URLs, set the HTTP header Cookie: sessionid=<token>.

POST /api/v1/user/login/
    {"username": "", "password": ""}

POST /api/v1/user/logout/



The product category ID can be used to obtain all products in a given child category:

GET /api/v1/productcategories/
GET /api/v1/productcategories/<product_category_id>/

Extended product information:

GET /api/v1/products/<product_id>/


The main search endpoint can be used for both text queries and numeric barcodes.

GET /api/v1/search/?q=mango
GET /api/v1/search/recipes/?q=pasta


These are some of the recipe related endpoints:

GET /api/v1/recipe-tags/
GET /api/v1/recipe-tags/<recipe_tag_id>/
GET /api/v1/recipes/plans/current/

GET /api/v1/recipes/<recipe_id>/

These endpoints are personal for the user and requires authentication:

GET  /api/v1/recipes/likes/
GET  /api/v1/recipes/purchased/
POST /api/v1/recipes/<recipe_id>/like-toggle/


Manipulating the cart contents requires authentication. The quantity field adjusts the quantity currently in the cart.

GET /api/v1/cart/

POST /api/v1/cart/items/
        "items": [{
            "product_id": 9329,
            "quantity": 2,
        }, {
            "product_id": 15163,
            "quantity": -1

POST /api/v1/cart/clear/