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Django Groove

django-groove is a Django app with various utilities, such as a template context processor that adds the current Django Site object and an utility method for sending HTML mail.


Install django-groove (available on PyPi):

pip install django-groove



Two decorators that limits a view with Django User permissions, includes checks for staff or super users. Raises a 404 if user does not have sufficient permission, security through obscurity.

Available decorators: staff_required and superuser_required.

Example usage in views:

def index(request):

Example usage in URL config:

url(r'^$', superuser_required('views.index'), name='index'),

A template context processor that adds the current Django Site object to the template context. Uses RequestSite as fallback.

Add this to your

from django.conf.global_settings import TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS

You can now use {{ }} and {{ site.domain }} in all your templates.

A shortcut to ease sending of HTML enabled email. Adds current site, media and static URLs to template context, if not present.


from import send_html_email
email_sent = send_html_email('', 'account/welcome', {'user': user})

With template_prefix as 'account/welcome', the following templates are rendered with user variable available:

  • account/welcome.txt (plain text version)
  • account/welcome.html (HTML version)
  • account/welcome_subject.txt (plain text subject, one line only)


An HTTP response class with JSON mime type, optionally dumps given object to JSON. Also converts datetime and Decimal objects properly.


Abstract Django class that automatically timestamps object instances upon creation and modification.

Inherit from TimestampedModel instead of models.Model to automatically add creation_time and modification_time fields to model.

Defines two s3boto storage classes to ease the separation of static and media files when using Amazon S3.


Wrapper around TemplateView generic view with a login required decorator.

Example usage in URL config:

url(r'^secret/$', LimitedTemplateView.as_view(
    template_name='secret.html'), name='secret'),


Extends TemplateView to accept a dictionary of additional context.

Example usage in URL config:

url(r'^foo/$', ExtraContextTemplateView.as_view(
    template_name='foo.html', extra_context={'foo': 'bar'})),