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Spring MVC ICM Demo Application


The project is a demo project for QA students.



The project is based on SQLite database. By default, the database will be created in a user's home directory. If you want to change the data source url, please add 'dataSource.url=' system property (usually through -D JVM switch).

Database schema will be created and the database will be populated with some initial data. This can be disabled (e.g. at next application deployment) with 'dataSource.populate=' system property.

In addition, setup endpoint was created /setup. It allows re-setting the database at any time

Run the project

Navigate to the project folder and run the following command:

mvn clean spring-boot:run

Open the browser and navigate to:


Package the project

mvn clean package spring-boot:repackage assembly:single

This will create an assembly that can be run either with java -jar command or using start.bat (on Windows)