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Add support for @ResponseBody to return JSON #7

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I took a bit of time trying to figure out how to properly configure JSON responses when @ResponseBody is used on a controller and Tiles when a String is returned by a controller. Would this be pretty simple to do?


JSON with @ResponseBody is pretty simple to setup.


Recently I implemented something like this (in project setup from this archetype):

@ResponseStatus(value = HttpStatus.OK)
public String handleInvalidJsonException(MethodArgumentNotValidException error) {
    LOG.warn("handling json input validation error with message [{}]", error.toString());
    return "0";

So if this works for the above, it should also work for @RequestMapping annotated method

@kolorobot kolorobot added a commit that referenced this issue
@kolorobot Issue #7: Added support for @ResponseBody to return JSON with Jackson
library; added one reference method in user controller that returns
logged in user's data as JSON

I just added support for JSON in the archetype. I hope it helps you. Thanks for the tip. See changes here: 039a56d

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