A light-weight editor for CouchDB Views


LoveSeat: A light-weight editor for CouchDB Views

LoveSeat started with three simple goals in mind

  • get out of UTF8 CR/LF hell
  • avoid having to escape quotation marks
  • avoid having to manually tweak json docs

Current features

  • Works on Windows, and Linux and MacOS through Mono
  • CRUD on couchdb design docs, views, and lucene indices
  • Browse database and view structure through a tree representation
  • Export all design documents to disk as .js files
  • Import all .js files on disk into a database as design docs
  • Clone docs in one database to another (deploy from local dev to remote prod)
  • Syntax highlighting (windows javascript views only)
  • Support for _show and _list

Coming soon

  • Local view debugging and step-through