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Dining philosophers with Clojure core.async

The Dining Philosophers Problem is an example problem illustrating the challenges about synchronizing access to limited shared resources.

This little project is an application of Clojure core.async to this problem. Each philosopher repeats these steps:

  1. Try to get left and right fork simultaneously, with a timeout, in two separate go blocks
  2. After both go blocks have delivered a fork or a timeout:
    • if in possession of both forks, eat for a while and return the forks
    • otherwise, return any possessed forks immediately
  3. Think for a while

The solution I came with in ClojureScript required several channels:

  • for each fork, a channel with capacity 1, initialized with a fork. Only one 'process' can get the fork.
  • for each philosopher, a channel with capacity 1, indicating if the philosopher is trying to eat.
  • for each eating attempt, a channel with capacity 2, containing obtained forks: exactly 2 from #{:left, :right: :none, :none}.

The Clojure implementation was easier to me, because of availability of explicit threads and blocking operations >!! and <!!. Every philisopher got his own thread where he could block waiting for a fork. In clojurescript, this happens in another loop in a go block synchronized with another channel (second channel from the list above, it wasn't necessary in clojure).

The beauty of core.async is that it allows writing async code for the browser, as though javascript wasn't single-threaded.


See it running at http://code.akolov.com/pasta/dine.html