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XML <--> JSON conversion in Clojure. Generates a class usable from Java.

This is my first clojure project.

I was curious to try storing and searching XML documents in a Json database. MongoDB, as well as other NoSQL databases, are comfortable with Json while not supporting XML at all. A well-defined conversion between XML and Json would turn any Json database to XML database.

Some conventions are needed for this conversion. The rules I found at http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2006/05/31/converting-between-xml-and-json.html make perfect sense to me, except #7 dealing with mixed content. Here's a copy of the rules:

1. <e/>                        <--->  "e" : null
2.  <e>text</e>                 <--->  "e" : "text" 
3.  <e name="value" />           <--->  "e" : {"@name": "value"}
4.  <e name="value">text</e>       <--->  "e"  : { "@name": "value", "#text": "text" }  
5.  <e> <a>text</a> <b>text</b> </e>    <---> "e" : { "a": "text", "b": "text" }    
6.  <e> <a>text</a> <a>text</a> </e>    <---> "e": { "a": ["text", "text"] }    
7.  <e> text <a>text</a> </e>         <---???---> "e" : { "#text": "text", "a": "text" }

As an example, the following:

  <street>Main Street</street>
 <id type="passport">34234234324</id>


{"person": {"hobbies":
 "address":{"street":"Main Street","city":"Atlanta"},

I've written some tests for each rule, see test/core.clj. Basic tests run OK, no extensive testing has taken place yet. Use at your own risk. The Clojure code is self-explaining. The Java class supports the following two methods:

public static String x2j(String xml)
public static String j2x(String jsonContainingOneElement)
public static String j2x(String jsonContainingManyElements, String elementName)

I used this converter to store and query XML in MongoDB, see a blog entry about it here. I still have to make the jar available. A final note: I am new to Clojure and the code can certainly be improved a lot, but I am impressed with the compactness of the result.