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Redirects rdar: URLs to Open Radar <>. Note: After downloading and expanding the archive, manually launch it once to override the quarantine.
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Open rdar.xcodeproj
Open rdar


About Open rdar A utility that accepts various forms of rdar: URLs and redirects them to Open Radar. It automatically launches in the background, and quits 10 seconds after the last rdar: request.

Download the app from Releases, uncompress the zip archive, and put the app somewhere on your disk (e.g., in /Applications).


Inspired by and uses ideas from Dave Dribin's Radar Forwarder. How is it different?

  • No need for a .prefPane, since recent iOS Simulators' Mobile Safari don't respond to rdar: URLs.
  • It uses NSURL to parse URLs (instead of a regex class).
  • It's a LSUIElement app, so it has no UI.


Like Radar Forwarder, Open rdar is available under the MIT License.

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