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El Duderino
OS X Screen Savers.key

Keynote deck and Xcode demo project for my talk at tacow on 2016-May-17.


  • Draw in bounds, not frame, because multiple displays with an offset arrangement can cause drawing to be shifted.
  • Use AVPlayerLayer to play videos, because AVPlayerView inhibits system sleep.
  • ScreenSaverDefaults, a subclass of NSUserDefaults, writes to ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/. Use defaults -currentHost in Terminal to access preferences.
  • No Swift—Xcode 7 doesn't offer a Swift option when creating new screen saver projects. System Preferences loads bundles' dylibs just once, so different Swift versions cause problems. There's a recent radar for this.
  • Use a Run pre-action script for debugging—copies to /tmp/ and symlinks built .saver to ~/Library/Screen Savers/.
  • Use an Archive post-action script to create installer package. There's an excellent SO answer on OS X installers with details and links.

Other Screen Savers

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