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@@ -230,7 +230,9 @@ If you're new to Stellar start here 👇
- [How and Why to Complete Your Stellar.toml](
- [How to Connect Your Anchor Service to Stellar Wallets](
- [Creating Custom Assets on Stellar](

- [Stellar Developer Workshop with Tomer Weller](

- [Building your own Venmo with Stellar]( - This tutorial will show you how to create an anchor maintaining a Stellar account for each customer, hiding the implementation details. It will use the programming language JavaScript and the mobile wallet will be written using React Native.

- [Explore Stellar Addresses and the Stellar DEX using Python]( - In this tutorial you'll be creating a script that takes in a Stellar address and returns the XLM balance. You will also convert that XLM balance to USD using the new ticker API for the Stellar DEX.

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