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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Create transaction on main ethereum network via node
Preparation (applies only on first usage):
Create new wallet, or use existing
- save wallet address
- save private key (take security measures)
- pour some ether in the wallet
Create project on
- save api key
- whitelist wallet address
from web3 import Web3, HTTPProvider
address = 'WALLET_ADDRESS' # set value to your wallet's address
pk = "PRIVATE_KEY" # set value to your private key; caution! do not share the key with anyone
apikey = 'API_KEY' # set this to your own api key, if using
provider = ''+apikey
record_utf8 = """
"dc.Title": "Fiction Moments",
"dc.Creator": "Σφέτσας, Κυριάκος (Sfetsas, Kyriakos)",
"dc.Description": "Proof of composition",
"dc.Identifier": "",
"dc.Format": "application/pdf",
"dc.Rights": "All rights reserved by the author",
"dc.Source": "",
"kolydas.Hash": "52974bec2f5c33209f60acc1cd1f86ccfbefb39b0cba63162d236bc749c7a2622b5b83fc5d5de9e6a9d500374db2bd1434e3338472a16d113ee352786a0b007a",
"kolydas.Hash.Type": "sha512sum"
record_hex = "0x" + " ".join(record_utf8.split()).encode("utf-8").hex() # convert string to hex & remove double whitespaces
w3 = Web3(HTTPProvider(provider)) # connect to blockchain network node
transaction_content = dict(
nonce = w3.eth.getTransactionCount(address),
gasPrice = w3.eth.gasPrice, # change value at will for a lower fee; too low will result in rejected transaction
gas = w3.eth.estimateGas({'to': address, 'from': address, 'value': 0, 'data': record_hex}),
to = address,
value = 0,
) # prepare transaction content
signed_txn = w3.eth.account.signTransaction(transaction_content, pk) # sign transaction
transaction_hash = w3.eth.sendRawTransaction(signed_txn.rawTransaction) # send transaction
print(transaction_hash.hex()) # retrieve transaction hash