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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Get element from transaction input data using ropsten test ethereum network
from web3 import Web3, HTTPProvider
import json
transaction_hash = '0xb3fa48e1609e776d88819d44e3a38365283e4298d6c3479e94b2bd2c379b4bd9'
provider = ''
w3 = Web3(HTTPProvider(provider)) # connect to blockchain network node
transaction = w3.eth.getTransaction(transaction_hash) # get transaction
inputData = transaction.input # get record from transaction input data
json_data = bytearray.fromhex(inputData[2:]).decode() # decode hex to utf-8
print(json.loads(json_data)['dc.Title']) # retrieve record element
print(json.loads(json_data)['kolydas.Hash']) # retrieve record element
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