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KyBook 2 Reader localization.

Please, feel free to send a pull request or create an issue if found any typo or mistake in localization.

How to add new localization

  • First, fork a repo
  • Then duplicate en folder and rename it to a desired language code.
  • Translate a value in the key-value pair. As example, look at first key-value pair "DEFAULT" = "Default"; for Deutsch, this will be "DEFAULT" = "Standard"; .
  • Do not edit or delete comments /* ... */
  • Keep unmodified Names and Trademarks such as KyBook, Tor, etc.
  • Do not break a format placeholders like %u, %zd, %@.
  • Do not remove the semicolons ; at the end of line!
  • As finished, submit a pull request.

And if you are not familiar with such things as forking, pull request, etc then you can send directly to me your localization.


  • Carsten Perthel for the German translation.
  • @marek_wayne for the Greek translation.