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Kanji Screen Saver
C# Objective-C
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KanjiScreenSaver 2

This is a rewrite of my original Kanji ScreenSaver (still available at ). The original was written (way back in 2004) in a combination of Visual Basic (the old pre-dotNet Visual Basic) and Visual C++ and used kanji data from Jim Breen's KanjiDic project.
The new version has been rewritten in C# and uses kanji data compiled by myself.

Major Changes

On-readings and Kun-readings have been replaced by a list of keywords that demonstrate real-life examples of each reading of a kanji.
The grades have been changed to match the Kanji Kentei Exam levels ( refer ).
It is now possible to fine tune which kanjis are displayed via an "Include" list and an "Exclude" list.
The elapsed time been kanji changes is now configurable.
An OSX version is now available.

The C# and Objective-C source code for KanjiScreenSaver 2 is public domain and available at (
The kanji data used in KanjiScreenSaver 2 is copyright me Giles Payne.

Giles Payne (GilesPayne(at)
February 2015
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