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A simple tool for translating MooseX::Declare syntax sugar into plain Moose
Perl Shell
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A simple tool for translating MooseX::Method::Signatures syntax sugar
into native subs and parameters parsing

Motivation: contains two functions: undeclare, undeclareFile (see POD). is a simple interface util for this package:
 - you can use it to read from STDIN and write to STDOUT;
 - you can provide one or two filenames as arguments for 
input and output correspondingly, provided only one argument will rewrite the input file.

We use in our build script and it looks somehow like this;

use strict;
use warnings;

use File::Find;
use lib $FindBin::Bin;
use Undeclare;

my $SourceDir  = 'Path to your codebase';
my $ReleaseDir = 'Where to put undeclared code';

mkdir $ReleaseDir unless -d $ReleaseDir;
`rm -r $ReleaseDir/*`;
`cp -r $SourceDir $ReleaseDir`;

   sub { 
      /\.pm$/ && Undeclare::undeclareFile( $_ ); 
      print "$File::Find::name was undeclared\n"; 
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