Unified sample web app. The easy way to learn web frameworks.
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The easy way to learn web frameworks

Do you know framework X and want to try framework Y? The easy way to start with a new framework is to compare it with frameworks you already know. The goal of the project is to help developers easily learn new frameworks by examples.

Notejam is a unified sample web application (more than just "Hello World") implemented using different server-side frameworks. Currently python, php, ruby and javascript frameworks are supported.

Supported frameworks





Javascript (node.js)

In progress


  • Play


  • Compojure

... and more frameworks are coming soon.

Application overview

Notejam is a web application which offers user to sign up/in/out and create/view/edit/delete notes. Notes are grouped in pads.


Sign in All notes New note

See more screenshots for look and feel.

See detailed overview.

Typical application covers following topics:

  • Request/Response handling
  • Routing
  • Templates
  • Configuration
  • Authentication
  • Forms
  • Error handling
  • Database/ORM
  • Mailing
  • Functional/unit testing

How to launch

All implementations are SQLite based and quickly launchable by built-in web servers. Each implementation has instruction describing easy steps to install environment, launch and run tests.


Contribution is more than welcome! Contribute improvements to existing applications to help them follow best practices or provide new implementation for unsupported framework.

Do you want to improve one of the existing implementations?

Each implementation has its own README with contribution details.

Do you want to add new framework?

Read contribution guide for details.



MIT © Serhii Komar.

See license.