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Update!!!!! 11/17/2015
The 4.0.2 Updated release is here

New functionality
*1.6.6 Arduino IDE Support (Tested on Win 8.1)
*2 universe transmitter with 1 MBPS data rate
*multi string pixel support
*pixel grouping
*pixel order reversing

  • Additional Pixel Types supported WS_2812B, NEO_PIXEL, TM_1829, TM_1803, UCS_1903, APA_104, LPD_1886

***Note there are breaking changes use the update instructions below!

***To Install download the "RFShowControl_Full_4.0.2.zip" zip file listed below and unzip it into your /Arduino/Libraries folder so it looks like the following picture. DO NOT KEEP YOUR OLD LIBRARIES IN THIS FOLDER!