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MediaElch Logo

Build Status


MediaElch is a MediaManager for Kodi. Information about Movies, TV Shows, Concerts and Music are stored as nfo files. Fanarts are downloaded automatically from Using the nfo generator, MediaElch can be used with other MediaCenters as well.

Documentation can be found at

Supported scrapers

Included are scrapers for The Movie DB, The TV DB, Videobuster, OFDb, IMDB and (and also some adult content scrapers). The Movie DB and The TV DB are available in more than 20 languages. Music information is scraped from The Audio DB, All Music and Discogs. Tv themes and trailers can also be downloaded.


Please visit


For build instructions, see:



cd doc
doxygen ./Doxyfile


Tests are written using Catch2.

mkdir build && cd $_
qmake .. CONFIG+=test
make -j4
./mediaelch-test -h            # List Catch2 help
./mediaelch-test -t            # List all tags
./mediaelch-test -d yes        # Run *all* tests and print duration
./mediaelch-test "[load_data]" # Run scraping tests (online test)
./mediaelch-test "[search]"    # Run scraping search tests (online test)


mkdir build && cd $_
qmake CONFIG += sanitize ..
make -j4