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K SOFT SEQuencer

ksoftseq is a software sequencer for OS/2.

ksoftseq enables you to play a midi file on OS/2 without any external programs.

That is, ksoftseq is a MCD(Media Control Driver).

ksoftseq can:

  * play a midi file by clicking a icon on WPS
  * play a midi file with play.cmd in a command line
  * play a midi file with Player in Open menu
  * play a midi file with MIDI Editor in Open menu
  * play a midi file with MIDI program(MIDI editor) in Multimedia folder.
    Although MIDI may complain like 'An error occurred while opening ...',
    you can use features provided by MIDI without any problem if you press
    'ESC' key or click 'Continue' button.
  * play a HMMIO handle of a midi file opened with MMIO_NOTRANSLATE,
  * seek
  * ...

ksoftseq cannot:

  * ...


1. Unzip ksoftseq zip file into any directory

2. CD into the directory

3. Execute 'minstall.exe' in the directory.

4. Follow the instruction of 'minstall'.exe

4. After installing, copy your own SoundFont2 file to KSOFTSEQ.SF2 in
   X:\\MMOS2, where X is a boot drive

5. Or you can specify the qualified path of your own SoundFont2 with
   KSOFTSEQ_SF2 environmental variable in CONFIG.SYS like:

     SET KSOFTSEQ_SF2=C:\path\to\your\soundfont2\file.sf2

   ksoftseq will try to find the SoundFont2 file pointed by KSOFTSEQ_SF2.
   If KSOFTSEQ_SF2 is not set or the file does not exist, then try to use
   KSOFTSEQ.SF2 in X:\MMOMS2, where X is your boot drive.

6. Add 'SET KAI_AUTOMODE=DART' to CONFIG.SYS. Without this, your system may
   become unstable because Uniaud APIs are not supported well nowadays.

7. Reboot


  * v1.1.2 ( 2022/0/14 )
    - Fixed dead-lock when trying to play, stop and close

  * v1.1.1 ( 2021/05/22 )
    - Fixed Dead-lock when trying to play

  * v1.1.0 ( 2020/09/19 )
    - Added Support of OS/2 real-time MIDI data translated by
    - Fixed Choppy sound when CPU load is high

  * v1.0.2 ( 2020/09/13 )
    - Fixed Some midi files hang desktop. Issue #6. Reported by DavidMcKenna.
    - Fixed It's not possible to load a very large SF2 file of about 410MiB.

  * v1.0.1 ( 2020/09/03 )
    - Fixed MINSTALL(KIEWITZ) problems. Issue #5. Reported by DavidMcKenna.
    - Fixed Player on WPS could not play a midi file. Issue #3.

  * v1.0.0 ( 2020/09/02 )
    - Initial release

Libraries to build ksoftseq

  * libkai v2.2.0
  * kmididec v0.3.1
  * fluidsynth v1.0.9



  If you are satisfied with this program and want to donate to me, please visit
the following URL.

  Or, please click the Ads in the following blog.

KO Myung-Hun