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Aetheria Game Engine

Aetheria Game Engine is a system for playing text adventure (interactive fiction) games, written in Java. Game worlds are represented in XML, with Beanshell code to account for complex object behaviour. PUCK (Playable Universe Construction Kit) is a graphical IDE that can be used to build such XML files.

The system was originally Spanish only and tailored for Spanish games, but multi-language support is now implemented and the system has been translated into English, as well as Galician, Catalan and Esperanto.

If you are a speaker of a different language and you would like to help translate the system to support games in your language, please contact me. Almost no programming is needed to do a translation, and I can help with that.

This project started in 2000, uploaded to Google Code in 2010, migrated to GitHub in 2015.

Aetheria Game Engine es un sistema para jugar aventuras de texto, escrito en Java. Los mundos jugables se representan en XML, con código Beanshell para representar comportamientos complejos. Se incluye un IDE gráfico llamado PUCK (Playable Universe Construction Kit) que se puede utilizar para construir los ficheros XML.

Este proyecto comenzó en el año 2000, subido a Google Code en 2010, migrado a GitHub en 2015.

© 2000-2015 Carlos Gómez Rodríguez. I kindly ask anyone making use of the code for their projects (as allowed by license terms) to tell me about it.

Download the Aetheria Game Engine binaries