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Here you can download the latest versions of the Aetheria Game Engine.

All the downloads are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, as long as you have Java installed.

Each version comes in three distributions:

  • Developer's Kit: the most complete kit, allowing developers to build playable universes as well as play them.
  • Player's Kit: You can use this kit to run AGE playable universes. Includes some very basic games and a loader (AGE Catalog) that you can use to get more online.
  • Minimal Player's Kit: For those who want to run playable universes in command-line mode only. Users should normally download the standard player's or developer's kit, only download this one if you know what you are doing.

Latest version

The latest version is 1.3.6, released 2017-03-04.

Not so latest versions

The next to latest version is 1.3.5, released 2015-02-08.

The next to the next to latest version is 1.3.4, released 2014-11-01.

The previous version is 1.3.3, released 2014-04-28.

Prior to that, we had version 1.3.2, released 2013-08-16.

Older versions

Older versions can be downloaded here: Old download page

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