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# syntax:
# locale-dir/
function usage() {
echo "syntax:"
echo " locale-dir/"
exit 1
# check if file and dir are there
if [[ ($# -ne 1) || (! -d "$1") ]]; then usage; fi
for lang in `find $1 -type f -name "*.po"`; do
dir=`dirname $lang`
stem=`basename $lang .po`
msgmerge -o ${dir}/${stem}.po.tmp ${dir}/${stem}.po $1/templates/LC_MESSAGES/${stem}.pot
mv ${dir}/${stem}.po.tmp ${dir}/${stem}.po
# Optionally auto-localize our test locale db-LB
if hash podebug >/dev/null; then
# If your using client side gettext, add client to the list of cataglos on the next line
# for catalog in messages client; do
for catalog in messages; do
echo "Translating ${catalog}.po"
podebug --rewrite=flipped -i $1/templates/LC_MESSAGES/${catalog}.pot\
-o $1/db_LB/LC_MESSAGES/${catalog}.po
echo 'Skipping db-LB, install translate-toolkit if you want to have that up-to-date.'
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