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This is leaflet plugin for photon.

Sample Usage

Use the map options to create a Photon search control when the map is created:

function myHandler(geojson) {

var map ='map', {
  photonControl: true,
  photonControlOptions: {
      resultsHandler: myHandler,
      placeholder: 'Try me …',
      position: 'topleft'}

Or create a control afterwards:

var searchControl = L.control.photon(photonControlOptions);


  • url URL of the Photon API to use. Default: ''
  • placeholder Placeholder of the search input. Default: "Start typing..."
  • noResultLabel Message to display when no result has been found. Default: "No result"
  • minChar Min char to be typed before actually searching (can be a function that takes the val as parameter and must return a boolean). Default: 3
  • limit Number of results max to return from API. Default: 5
  • submitDelay Min time buffer between to sent request, to avoid too much requests when typing fast (in milliseconds). Default: 300
  • includePosition Whether to include or not the map center as location bias for the search. Default: true
  • feedbackEmail Email to use as feedback link. Set to null to disable the feedback box. Default: ""
  • feedbackLabel Message for feedback link. Default: "Feedback"
  • lang land code (en, it, fr…) to send to Photon API. Default: null
  • onSelected Action to run when user select a search result. Default: center map on selected result's latlng
  • osm_tag osm_tag (e.g. 'boundary:administrative') to send to Photon API for filtering. Default: null
  • formatResult Optional function to control the way geojson features are displayed in the results box.
  • formatType Optional function to control the way features types (amenity, school, etc.) are displayed in the default formatResult function.
  • resultsHandler Optional function that will be called when a geojson is retrieved from the API. You way want to use this to display points in the map for instance.


  • focus sent on input focus
  • blur sent on input blur
  • hide sent on result box hide
  • selected sent on result select. Event: {choice: }
  • ajax:send sent when an ajax call is made
  • ajax:return sent when an ajax call is returned
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