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kommunity-curated content on GatsbyJS
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kommunity-curated content on GatsbyJS and React

Why count on old fashioned link aggregators when you have recommendations by your fellow developers? 😉 aims to ease your way into learning / getting deeper into GatsbyJS and React by gathering content recommendations from fellow developers. It's still a project in its infancy that you can help shape by contributing with code, ideas and content. It's open for everyone 🌟


See the section below for info on contributing with code. For other types of contributions, refer to the kommunity's contribution page for more info ;)

Contributing with code

  1. Clone this repo;
  2. Run yarn - this will link all the internal packages and install everything needed to develop the website;
  3. Run yarn develop:www to run the website and voilà!

The folder structure:

  • The Gatsby website is found in www;
  • The serverless folder is still in its early stages and is subject to change;
  • Typescript definitions used throughout the project can be acessed under the types folder;
  • And, finally, mock-data is a folder dedicated to host reusable data such as a list of topics :)

Any questions, just file an issue and we'll be happy to solve them :)

PS: The CSS right now is a mess, and we know it. Using plain .css files is helping a ton with performance and build times, but it's being done in a poor manner at the moment... feel free to propose changes to its structure!


  • Content is hosted in the kompanion/kommunity-content repository
  • Gatsby generates the app based on React components
  • Components are written in Typescript
  • For the styles, currently uses plain .css files
    • PostCSS transforms the CSS to support older browsers
    • and style is poorly linted by stylelint (it's not set-up properly yet, so it's not taking much effect)
  • We use some helper functions from the [@kompanion/utils]( packages in the code.
  • And this repo uses yarn workspaces as it's also home to serverless functions and types that can be applied to other side projects 🤗

Feel free to create an issue or PR with suggested changes to the architecture and code!

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