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Follow Twitter users based on keywords
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Follow Twitter users based on keywords



This requires a working Go environment to run. Follow the steps here to install the Go environment.

Once Go is running, you can download and build the application using the following command:

$ go get

The executable can then be found in:



Running this command will go and follow users on Twitter which are related to the search term that you provide. It will prioritise following users based on user search (which tend to be more relevant) and once no more users are found through user search it will find users based on their tweets.

This is one of my first projects in Go so any feedback and/or PR's would be greatly appreciated.


Get your keys from Twitter, then set the following environment variables:


How to set environment variables in Windows systems and in Unix systems.

To follow users related to Go:

$ gofollow -s golang

By default it will follow a maximum of 50 users. To change the maximum, use the -max flag:

$ gofollow -s gopher -max 15

A hard maximum of 100 exists so that you don't get limited by Twitter (too many API requests/too many follow requests).

Query Operators

You may use any query operator as defined by Twitter to refine your search.

Useful Examples

  • Containing both golang and tutorial:
$ gofollow -s "golang tutorial"
  • Containing either golang or gopher (or both):
$ gofollow -s "golang OR gopher"
  • Containing exact phrase open source:
$ gofollow -s "\"open source\""

-->Character to escape double quotes may differ in your environment<--

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