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Category recommender for MediaWiki sites. Capstone project for Information Retrieval course.
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MediaWiki Categorizer

Authors: Matthew Barry
Brett Walker
Nicholas McHenry

Project Information

MediaWiki Categorizer was created as a group capstone project for an Information Storage and Retrieval (IR) course.



Prior to installation, please ensure that the bower (requires node.js), git, and php executables are installed and available in your $PATH environment variable.

Clone this repository (or download and extract an archive) to an appropriate location on your machine and open a shell prompt to that directory.

user@machine:~$ cd /path/to/project
user@machine:/path/to/project$ git clone git://
user@machine:/path/to/project$ cd mw-categorizer

To run the automated install script, type make install at a shell prompt in the cloned repository working directory. Alternatively, you could manually execute each of the instructions.


It may be a good idea to run all commands as the web server user (e.g. www-data on Debian-based systems) to prevent permission issues. To do this, you can prefix all commands with sudo -u <user>

user@machine:/path/to/project/mw-categorizer$ make install
curl -s | php
chmod -R 777 app/logs app/cache
bower install
php composer.phar install
php app/console --env=prod --no-debug assetic:dump

These commands:

  1. Download the latest version of Composer for PHP management.
  2. Sets permissions for the cache and logs directories
  3. Install third-party frontend dependencies
  4. Install third-party PHP dependencies
  5. Compile JS and CSS

Now you can configure your web server to use the web directory as its document root.


The included Makefile has a script that will automatically update the MediaWiki Categorizer source code. Run make update to execute this script. Once again, you could also manually execute the instructions.

user@machine:/path/to/project/mw-categorizer$ make update
php composer.phar self-update
git pull
bower install
php composer.phar install
php app/console --env=prod --no-debug cache:clear
php app/console --env=prod --no-debug assetic:dump
php app/console --env=prod --no-debug assets:install --symlink --relative web

In order, these commands:

  1. Update Composer to the latest version
  2. Update the git repository
  3. Update installed frotend vendor libraries
  4. Update installed PHP components
  5. Clear the Symfony application cache
  6. Recompile JS and CSS
  7. Integrate any new Symfony bundle assets


  • Bootstrap front-end framework
  • Bower front-end dependency management system
  • Composer PHP dependency management system
  • D3 JavaScript visualization engine
  • jQuery Autosize (Auto-fit <textarea> fields to content)
  • Symfony PHP framework
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