Codeigniter CRUD Code Generator With Bootstrap, Parsley Validation, FontAwesome. Easy to use & very simple
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Codeigniter CRUD Code Generator With Bootstrap 3.1.1, Parsley 2.0 validation, easy to use & very simple





  1. Create a new database (if you don't have yet)
  2. Open URL: http://localhost/ci-gen/install
  3. Open URL: http://localhost/ci-gen
  4. Click menu "Builder" and customize the table's form
  5. Refresh web page
  6. Click menu "Tool", you will see the result

Bahasa Indonesia:

  1. Rancang dan buat dulu database (kalau belum ada)
  2. Buka URL: http://localhost/ci-gen/install
  3. Buka URL: http://localhost/ci-gen
  4. Klik menu "Builder" dan sesuaikan form tabel
  5. Refresh halaman web
  6. Klik menu "Tool", anda akan lihat hasilnya


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