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Sublime Text Plugin for q/kdb
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q REPL for Sublime Text 3

Connect to remote q session and execute q statements in Sublime Text

Image of screenshot

  • Cmd + alt + q to add q connections and quickly switch between them
  • Cmd + Enter or Cmd + e to send highlighted line or block text
  • Cmd + j to execute text and get result as json (by calling .j.j to results - requires .j.j in kdb 3.x)
  • 2 result modes: output panel and inline popup
  • Syntax higlighing (based on kimtang's
  • shows rows, column, time, mem usage at status bar
  • auto complete
    [change Cmd to Ctrl for windows]


  • F1 open help at cursor
  • F2 print variable at cursor
  • F3 show type at cursor
  • F4 show table and columns
  • F5 show environments
  • shift + F5 show memory usage

[hold shift to show output in inline popup instead of output panel]


via package control


Clone this git repository into your Sublime Text 3/Packages directory. NOTE: You may need to change dir to q KDB

  • Windows: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages
  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages
git clone

From sublime text, run package control: satisfy dependencies (you may need to open package folder in sublime text first). This will install numpy as a dependency package to your packages folder

Tested on OSX and Windows 8, 10

Supported OS

  • osx_x64
  • windows_x64
  • linux_x64

Not supported OS

Support can be easily extended by adding proper numpy 1.8 build with python 3.3 (see Please send PR if you can build any of these:

  • osx_x32
  • windows_x32
  • linux_x32

This plugin is for Sublime Text 3. For Sublime Text 2, please use

To build numpy

Included numpy version should work for osx and windows 64bit, but if you need to build numpy

  1. download python 3.3
  2. download
  3. run python3.3 install
  4. numpy will be installed to your default python lib
  5. then follow steps here
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